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The Sault Tribe Binogii Placement Agency is licensed by the state of Michigan to provide foster care services. As a licensed agency, the Sault Tribe Binogii Placement Agency is required to comply with all the rules and regulations established by the state of Michigan. When providing foster care and adoption services through a Purchase of Service (POS) contract, Binogii is acting as an agent of the Department of Human Services (DHS). When cases are referred to the DHS via a court order, they monitor the cases in which the Sault Tribe Binogii Placement Agency provides primary services. Title IV-E funds are accessed for eligible children as Binogii is considered a private contractor. DHS is the gatekeeper of IV-E funds and they determine eligibility. All Sault Tribe children within the seven eastern counties of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Tribal Service Area) under the jurisdiction of either tribal or state court and in out-of-home placement due to substantiated abuse or neglect are generally referred to the Sault Tribe Binogii Placement Agency for services.

The agency has an annual licensing review by the Bureau of Child and Adult Licensing. This review ensures that the agency provides services in accordance with the Michigan licensing rules for child placing agencies. The agency also has an annual quality assurance and contract compliance review that is conducted by the DHS Office of Contract Compliance. This review ensures that the agency is providing services in compliance with the Michigan Department of Human Services Foster Care Policy.

Tribal children in out-of-home placement and their families, residing in the seven-county service area, receive services through the Sault Tribe Binogii Placement Agency and other program components of ACFS. It is the goal of these services to reunify the family as soon as is feasible and appropriate. Services are provided within the parameters of the permanency planning guidelines of reunification within one year after removal. The following service components are incorporated into the overall services as warranted:

  • Mental health counseling for both child and parent, family counseling, psychological evaluation*
  • Substance abuse counseling or referral for inpatient treatment*
  • Family Support Services (intensive home-based services)*
  • Parenting skills education*
  • Direct services, which include Emergency Assistance, NEW (Native Employment Works), Title IV-B, Child Care Assistance Monies, Domestic Violence Funds, USDA food distribution services
  • Referral to other appropriate community services

* Priority given to children at risk of or in out-of-home placement and their families.

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