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Sault Tribe’s services, facilities and postponed events during COVID-19 closure

Due to the extensive number of events on Sault Tribe’s schedule, a list has been developed to help tribal members navigate the many postponements. It will be updated at least twice a day as time goes on. Thank you.

New entries will be added to the top of list.

The Michigan Department of Education’s Office of Great Start wants to make our partners aware of an update that is timely for Child Abuse Prevention month. The Department of Health and Human Services released a new Online Reporting System for Mandated Reporters that streamlines the submission of non-emergency complaints of child abuse and neglect. Please see below for more information and share the news with your colleagues!

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) recently released the Michigan Online Reporting System for mandated reporters (positions required by law to report child abuse) to submit complaints of suspected child abuse and neglect. MDHHS created the Michigan Online Reporting System for mandated reporters to submit non-emergency complaints of suspected child abuse and neglect. The  benefits of submitting a complaint via the Michigan Online Reporting  System include:
•  Submit a complaint 24/7 from anywhere with internet access
•  Save the reporter information so future reports are more quickly completed
•  Avoid phone wait time
•  Upload photos and documents with the complaint
•  Save in-progress complaints and resume later
•  View recently submitted complaints
•  Receive an automatic email receipt that the complaint was received
•  Skip completing the DHS-3200

When submitting a complaint through the Michigan Online Reporting System, be sure to provide all the complaint information as thoroughly as possible to allow Centralized  Intake to fully assess the situation.

For cases that require an emergency response, please continue to call 911 and then the Centralized Intake Hotline at 855‑444‑3911 instead of using the Michigan Online Reporting System to submit a complaint.  The Centralized Intake phone hotline will also remain available and fully staffed for those who prefer to call in their report. However, when calling a complaint into the hotline, MDHHS still requires a written report (DHS-3200) within 72 hours of the call.

Find more information regarding the Michigan Online Reporting System at  www.michigan.gov/mandatedreporter.

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