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Automatic subscription for Tribal Elders 60+

From Jennifer Dale-Burton, Editor

Now in its 35th year, our tribal newspaper has been through many changes. In 1993, it went from a circulation of 800 to 13,000; now it's 20,000. It's been by paid subscription only, free to everyone, and in boxes for 25¢. It has even changed names.

Now is the time for our newspaper to make another big leap, due to ever rising postage and printing costs that have become cost-prohibitive. This average cost of printing and mailing has risen to $11,000 per month. To make matters more frustrating, we know there is waste but we don't know exactly where it is. To save thousands of dollars, prevent waste, and keep up with the times, we are changing to request-only.

Sault Tribe members who want print copies sent to their homes must request it by filling out a form for a free subscription. That way, we are only sending it to members who want it. The exception is tribal elders 60 and over will still automatically receive it in their homes. All others will access the paper online or get it via the new Mobile App, which will be available soon. Of course, Elders who prefer to use the App need only let us know.

This new distribution method becomes effective next month. There is no deadline for getting on the list. Each fall, all tribal members requesting a print copy will have to "renew" by sending in a request, along with their current address, to keep getting a print copy.

To continue receiving your print copy of Win Awenen Nisitotung, use the form on page 2 of the November newspaper, or download your form here:

Sault Tribe Member Free Newspaper Subscription Form


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