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The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Board of Directors is proposing changes to Chapter 10: Election Ordinance. Thank you to all the members who provided feedback in this process. Please see the PDF below for the current proposed red-line changes that will be on the agenda for tomorrow’s board meeting. The board was able to review all the feedback and take it into consideration during workshops on these proposed changes. Understanding that changes in our tribal election processes are an ever evolving and ongoing discussion, the current proposed changes represent a step toward further election process overhauls. As we near the 2024 General Election cycle it was imperative to get these proposed changes on the board agenda, with the intention of entering the new year with the Election Commission in place, along with the proposed changes, to begin preparations for the general election. The Board of Directors looks forward to continuing to refine our election processes and considers these proposed changes a foundation on which to continue to build upon as Sault Tribe pushes itself ever forward.

Proposed Changes to Chapter 10 Elections 12.4.23

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