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Due to funding issues, the schedule for the secretarial election planned by the Bureau of Indian Affairs had to be changed. Formerly, election day for the upcoming secretarial election was March 16. Now, because of the hold up, election day will take place March 30. Here is the rest of the revised schedule:

Jan. 29: Voter registration packets mailed.
Feb. 22: 4:30 p.m.: Voter registration deadline
March 1: Voter registration list posted.
March 19: Last day to challenge the names, or absence of names, on registered voters list.
March 19: Decide challenges to voter registration list and post corrected registered voters list (if necessary).
March 30: Ballots counted.
April 2: Last day to challenge election results.

Contact the Sault Ste. Marie BIA office with any questions: (906) 632-6809 or 877‑659‑5028.

To obtain a copy of the Notice of Secretarial Election. Click on the link below and then click on SAVE when prompted.

iconNotice of Secretarial Election

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