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On Tuesday, February 15th, the Board of Directors passed a resolution in support of the Tobacco Cessation Program. This program offers a great benefit to tribal members and families to include medication for cessation, problem solving, and support to those who desire and choose to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. Since the program began in 2001, it has been operating at a deficit to pay for needed medications to help tobacco users to stop using. The new resolution passed by the Tribal Board will increase the amount of funding to the Tobacco Cessation Program, while retaining a tax exemption to the consumer of $15 per carton. (For a smoker who consumes 4 cartons per month, the average monthly cost, without the exemption, is approximately $180. The new monthly cost with the modified exemption is $120, or a $60 a month tax exemption for Tribal members.)

The Tobacco Cessation Program is a comprehensive team approach involving doctors and providers, pharmacy, and Community/Rural Health Services. Medications available through the Tobacco Cessation Program include Zyban, as well as, the nicotine patch, gum, and lozenge. These medications are to help reduce withdrawal symptoms. Counseling with a nurse or educator is also available for added support while quitting.

Tribal Members are encouraged to take advantage of the Tobacco Cessation Program should they desire to quit smoking or chewing commercial tobacco.

For more information on Smoking Cessation, please call Sault Tribe Health Center, Community Health Services, 906‑632‑5210, or see your Tribal clinic in your community.

The new exemption amount takes effect March 1, 2005. 1, 2005.

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