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Sault Tribe Chairman Austin Lowes is happy to announce the following individuals were appointed to the inaugural Food Sovereignty Committee at the Feb. 7 Sault Tribe Board of Directors meeting: Jonathan Biron, Charlee Brissette, Monica Cady, Jennifer Dale-Burton, Danielle Fegan, Casey Hinkson, Larry Jacques, Katy Matson, Amy McCoy, Colleen Medicine, Martin Reinhardt, and Marie Richards.

Food Sovereignty is a growing movement in Indian Country that aims to put the power of food production back into local communities. “The Sault Tribe is excited to explore what food sovereignty means for our tribal community and to promote health through this initiative,” Lowes said.

The Food Sovereignty Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the board and will provide recommendations on logistical operations. This could include what types of produce to grow, what types of meat to cultivate, potential property acquisitions, and what type of infrastructure is required to be successful.

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Photo by Ken Bosma / CC BY