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Welcome to the Public Record of the Sault Tribe Brownfields Program


The Sault Tribe Environmental Department Brownfields Program helps promote revitalization, redevelopment, and reuse of property that may have been complicated by the presence or potential presence of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants. Reusing these Brownfield sites provides an opportunity to improve neighborhoods and diversify local economies.

Redevelopment provides many economic benefits because it:
• Catalyzes private and public investment
• Creates jobs in central locations, re-energizing urban areas
• Increases property values
• Restores tax revenue to the community
• Increases the supply of land available for development


Brownfield redevelopment improves the public health and environmental quality of Michigan’s Sault Tribe community, because it:
• Promotes reuse of already developed areas, thus protecting undeveloped land and habitats
• Removes or contains dangerous contaminants such as heavy metals, organic and inorganic chemicals and petroleum products
• Minimizes the potential for leaching of contaminants into the water supply
• Reduces health risks for workers, residents and neighbors
• Can provide new parks, trees and green spaces

Current Sault Tribe Brownfields Sites (downloadable PDFs)

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