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Starting in May, the Sault Tribe Environmental Department will be conducting free water samples of private tribally owned wells for traces of uranium in partnership with Indian Health Services. The department is looking at uranium levels from wells on or near the Jacobsville Sandstone formation for the uranium study. The information gathered from this study will be used to pursue funding for installation of treatment systems where needed

The Jacobsville Sandstone formation is known to have high levels of uranium and although uranium is naturally occurring, excessive amounts can cause medical complications such as kidney damage or an increased risk of cancer. Uranium levels vary from location to location emphasizing the need to have your well water tested. Testing is the only way to know if your well contains uranium.

For more information about the project or to see if you are eligible for sampling contact Stacy Thacker at the Sault Tribe Environmental Department at 906‑632‑5575 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Uranium Project Flyer
Jacobsville Sandstone Map
Uranium Study Interest

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