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Cougar SightingThe has been a confirmed cougar sighting in the area of JKL School, located at 1301 Marquette Ave., near the reservation. Sault Tribe Law Enforcement has increased patrols in the area and barricaded the trail, and recommends people stay off the trail area of the school.

Cougars can roam from 50 to 100 miles. To report a cougar sighting, contact STLE at 906‑635‑6065. STLE is asking residents:
• Be aware of their surroundings, do not linger outdoors at night when cougars are more active.
• Keep their pets indoors or in a covered outdoor kennel, particularly at night.
• Use their outside lighting at night.

Should you encounter a cougar:
• Face the animal and do not act submissive. Stand tall, wave your arms, and talk in a loud voice.
• Never run from a cougar or other large carnivore. If children are present, pick them up so they cannot run.
• If attacked, fight back with whatever is available. DO NOT play dead.

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Photo by Ken Bosma / CC BY