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Sault Tribe Traditional Medicine Program Fall Ceremonies will be held on Sugar Island Oct. 5‑9, 2022, at the Mary Murray Culture Camp, 266 Homestead Rd., Sugar Island, Mich. Please call Lori, Bree, or Katrina at (906) 632-0236, 632-0220, or 632-5268. Please remember moon time teachings.

Fall Releasing Ceremony—Wednesday, Oct. 5 - Sunday, Oct. 9.

Fall Fasting Ceremony —Thursday, Oct. 6 - Sunday, Oct. 9.

Women's Fast for Mother Earth—Saturday, Oct. 8, fasting begins at sunrise and ends at sunset, followed by a sweat lodge and feast.

2022 Fall Releasing Ceremony

2022 Fall Fasting Ceremony

Fall 2022 Women's Fast For Mother Earth

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Photo by Ken Bosma / CC BY