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Sault Tribe received 975 doses of vaccine on Tuesday, Dec. 29, from Pfizer. Health Director Dr. Leo Chugunov said he had expected only 185 doses, which was the number of the initial shipment.

Chugunov said the unexpectedly large shipment left him and the Health Division staff scrambling to reschedule appointments and obtain more needles and syringes, because some shipments of the vaccine didn’t contain.

The Health Division is working on plans to distribute the vaccine according to a priority list. Health Division team members, elders and non-Health Division critical workers are at the top of the priority list.

Meanwhile, those who received a vaccine from the initial Pfizer shipment are scheduled to receive their second dose on Jan. 5. Anyone who received the vaccine from the first Moderna shipment is to receive the second dose on Jan. 19.

Tribal Health officials have posted a message on their website and plan to place ads with local radio stations and will try to reach elders by phone to arrange for vaccinations.

Posted below is a copy of the Health Division letter to elders.