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Free for Sault Tribe Members

SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. —Sault Tribe Health Division Director Leo Chugunov announced March 8 the tribe’s relationship with Northern Michigan University Fitness center has been reinstated. Sault Tribe members will once again be able to utilize all that the NMU fitness center has to offer free of charge. The center has convenient open recreation hours in the PEIF Building, Superior Dome and Berry Events Center, along with a 5,700 square foot fitness center with separate free weight equipment, lap pool, diving tank and men’s and women’s saunas, basketball and volleyball courts in the PEIF Building and Superior Dome, indoor climbing wall, indoor tennis courts in the Superior Dome, racquetball courts, and indoor walking and jogging in the Superior Dome.

“Sault Tribe is very pleased that this relationship has been reinstated and that its tribal members will once again have access to a high quality, multi-faceted facility for the betterment of their health,” Chugunov said.