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Those presently served by the Sault Tribe Health Center's pharmacy are encouraged to read the following policy clarifications so the Tribal Health Center can give them the best service possible.

Effective Oct. 1, those who want their prescriptions filled at the tribe's pharmacy must receive their primary medical care at one of the tribe's health centers, with a designated physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, whose prescriptions can be filled at the one of the tribe's pharmacies. They will also be able to fill prescriptions from specialists when referred by their designated physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, as well as prescriptions for urgent and emergency care.

Pharmacy services are offered at three of the four health clinics.

Those presently receiving prescriptions from a Sault Tribe pharmacy, who don't have medical care through the tribe's health clinics, can transfer to one of the tribe's health centers before Oct. 1 in order to remain eligible for pharmacy services. This involves scheduling a medical appointment and transferring medical records. Contact the appointment desk for the Medical Records department at any of the four health centers for help in doing this:

Sault Tribal Health Center 632-5200
St. Ignace Health Center 643-8689
Manistique Tribal Health Center 341-8469
Munising Health Center 387-4721

Sault Tribe's Health Centers provide high quality patient-centered health care that is responsive to patients' needs, with an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion for all Native Americans from infancy through adulthood. The tribe employs a strong staff of talented professionals throughout the area to serve the membership's primary medical care needs.

Services include medical, nursing, laboratory, radiology, dietary, community health, pharmacy, optical, dental, behavioral health and traditional healers.

For those who want to continue care with their non Sault Tribe physician after Oct. 1, the tribal pharmacy will help them transfer prescriptions to the retail pharmacy of their choice. Purchased and Referred Care (formerly known as Contract Health Services) cannot pay for these prescriptions.

Please contact a tribal clinic manager with any questions or concerns:
Cheryl LaPlaunt 643-8689 (St. Ignace)
Tony Abramson 632-5282 (Sault Ste. Marie)
Marlene Glaesmann 341-8469 (Manistique)
387-4721 (Munising)

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