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In response to the Coronavirus, the Sault Tribe Housing Authority working hard to provide relief to tribal members. At the recent Housing Commission meeting, several actions to help tribal members were approved.

Housing residents April and May payments forgiven
The Sault Tribal Housing Authority understands that during this time of uncertainty, many are under financial strain. Families living in Sault Tribal Housing Authority housing units, whether rental units or homeownership units, have had their monthly payments for April and May decreased to $0. As the pandemic and the Tribal State of Emergency continues, the Housing Authority will evaluate whether it will extend its rental/loan forgiveness to additional months.

Emergency Housing Assistance increased
The Emergency Housing Assistance program is for membership within the tribe's seven-county service area and is designed to prevent eviction and foreclosure. The standard service of $750 has been increased to $1,000. The Sault Tribal Housing Authority has doubled its Emergency Housing Assistance program budget, from $70,000 to $140,000, as a means to reach the needs of as many people as possible.

Critical Services continued
The Sault Tribal Housing Authority is continuing to provide critical services:
—Emergency maintenance to all units
—Continued “on call” service 24/7
—If the staff cannot respond directly to an issue, the Housing Authority has a list of regional subcontractors that can be called upon.
—Emergency program that replaces furnaces and hot water tanks (up to $6,500) for members living off the reservation and own their own home, within the service area. The service is provided as part of the HUD-Indian Block Grant program, so homeowners must meet income eligibility requirements.

Contact Housing
To contact Housing, call 800‑794‑4072 or 906‑495‑1450; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
For Maintenance Emergencies, call 855‑205‑2840.

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