Category: Education

On-The-Job Training

OJT provides opportunities for employers and customers. Participants learn job skills while working for an employer. The employer is reimbursed 50 percent of participant’s wages.

Work Experience

Work Experience is a short-term, temporary work assignment for students. The purpose of this program is to provide participants with basic transferable work skills. Students may be awarded academic credit through the school co-op program.

Summer Youth Employment Program

SYEP is an income-based work experience program designed to enhance employability through development of good work habits and basic work skills.

Senior Employment Program

SEP provides a maximum of 15 hours of employment to our tribal elders. This program is tribally funded.


To access these services, one must be Native American, a U.S. citizen or eligible alien, economically disadvantaged, underemployed or unemployed, registered with the Selective Service (if applicable) and reside within the seven-county service area; a student 14-21 for Work Experience; 14-21 for SYEP; a Sault Tribe member age 60 or older for SEP.