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A series of four handbooks titled Developing Your Vision While Attending College is co-published by the American Indian College Fund and The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE).

The handbooks take students through the process of deciding to go to college and learning more about financial aid and money management. The series promotes success for Native students by featuring stories of personal struggle and showing how educational and cultural success are intertwined.

Book one: Making the Decision to Attend College
Table of Contents
1. Developing Your Vision While Attending College
2. Deciding to Attend College
3. How to Prepare Academically for College
4. Going to College after High School
5. A Tiered Approach to Education
6. Becoming A Returning Student
7. What If My Career Plans Are Uncertain?
8. What to Consider When Picking A College
9. Tribal Colleges: Educating The Mind And Spirit
10. Overcoming Obstacles And Doubt
11. Making A Timeline
12. How to Prepare Financially for College - Returning Students
13. Saving for College - High School and Returning Students

Book two: Paying for A College Education
Table of Contents
1. Paying for College
2. Looking at Real Costs
3. Scholarships and Grants
4. Avoiding Scholarship Scams
5. Searching for Scholarships on Your Own
6. Federal Pell Grant
7. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
8. Work-Study Programs
9. Community Service Jobs
10. FAFSA Form
11. Student Loans
12. Applying for Tribal Assistance
13. Military Options
14. Taking It Step by Step

Book three: Managing Your Money
Table of Contents
1. Surviving Financially As A College Student
2. Money 101: Getting Organized
3. Opening A Checking Account
4. Keeping Up The Account
5. Cashing Checks The Costly Way
6. Creating A Spending Plan
7. Stretching Your Dollars
8. Controlling Credit Cards
9. Coping with Debt
10. Landing A Part-Time Job
11. A Creative Job Plan
12. The Benefit of Good Credit
13. Making The Most of College

Book four: Choosing Your Path
Table of Contents
1. Preparing for Transition
2. From Community College to Four-Year College
3. Making Sure Your Credits Transfer
4. Applying for Financial Aid And Considering Loans
5. Choosing Graduate School
6. Getting Ready for The Workplace
7. Job Hunting in Tough Times
8. Giving Back