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Introducing the Sault Tribe Housing Authority (STHA) Maintenance Staff. These individuals cover nine housing sites in the seven-county service area.

STHA East End Maintenance Staff

These are maintenance staff you will see at the Hessel, Kinross, St. Ignace, and Sault sites:

 Manny Marble head shot

Manny Marble
Maintenance Repairer
Manny has been with STHA for 26 years and looks forward to continuing in the same position for at least the next 10. His territory includes the Hessel and St. Ignace sites but he is always willing to lend a hand where needed.

Larry Moran

Larry Moran
Maintenance Repairer
Larry is starting year 24 with STHA and he says that he really enjoys working with the elders. The Sault Ste. Marie site keeps him busy but he still finds time to help out where needed. In his spare time, Larry is very active working on projects for St. Isaac Jacques Catholic Church in the Sault.

Adam PIncombe

Adam Pincombe
Maintenance Repairer
Adam is in his first year with the STHA and is excited to see how things will go for him at the new facility. His territory is the St. Ignace Elder Center but he is always willing to lend a hand wherever needed. Adam takes great pride in raising his three young children by helping them to grow and learn.

STHA West End Maintenance Staff

The following individuals are staff you will see at the Escanaba, Newberry, Marquette, Manistique, and Wetmore sites:

Robert Lockwood
Robert Lockwood
Maintenance Coordinator
Robert Lockwood has been with STHA for 13 years and held various positions. For the last 2.5 years, he has been the West End Maintenance Coordinator. In his free time, he likes spending time with his grandchildren. He also likes to spend as much time in the woods as possible. Hunting, fishing and camping are among his favorite hobbies.

Chris King
Chris King
Maintenance Repairer
Chris King has over 10 years with STHA. His vast knowledge of maintenance and water treatment experience is an asset to our team. His free time activities include spending time with his family, camping, hunting and fishing.

Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder
Warehouse Laborer
Michael Snyder (aka Mick) has been in this position for the past three years. Mick’s main job is maintaining the warehouse and grounds. You will usually catch him in the plow truck or on the riding lawnmower taking care of the elders and housing offices. Mick also uses his 10-plus years of experience with Housing to help out where needed.  He is an outdoors man who loves hunting, fishing and camping.


Sault Tribe Housing Authority
After Hours Maintenance and Emergency

The Sault Tribe Housing Authority provides STHA residents with a 24-hour maintenance phone line (855‑205‑2840). This toll free number is forwarded after hours, weekends and holidays to the STHA staff on call. The following situations justify an after-hours emergency and will be addressed promptly by STHA Maintenance Staff:
Toilets: If there is only one bathroom, in the unit, and the toilet is plugged or not working.
Furnaces: No heat, furnace/boiler is not working.
Gas Smell/Leak: Any time that the tenant thinks there is a gas leak or there is a gas smell.
Appliance Repairs: If a refrigerator is not working it is an emergency. All other appliances wait until the following business day.
Sewer Back Up: Any time there is a sewer back up. 
Supply Lines/Water Leaks: Any time there is a broken line or pipes are broken.
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms: If a tenant calls and reports that smoke alarms and/or a carbon monoxide detector is going off in the unit.
Electrical: When a resident notices smoke or sparks coming from an electrical fixture or plug in.
Water Heaters: Not having hot water is NOT an emergency. However, if the water heater is leaking, this is an emergency. The water leak with be addressed.

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