Category: Child Placement

Priority is given to locating a relative or other tribal member willing to accept the responsibility of caring for children removed from their families. The majority of children removed from their parental home are placed with relatives.

ACFS provides reunification services to families whose children are returning home at the end of court-ordered placements. The purpose of these services is to provide support to the family and the child during the child’s transition from living in foster care to safely living at home. Families can be provided with a continuum of services through tribal programs and services, community agencies and extended family support.

The following ACFS programs provide services, as deemed appropriate, designed to provide follow-up care to families to whom a child has been returned after a foster care placement:

Generally prior to reunification, the family is involved in an increased parenting time schedule so that the transition is smooth and gradual to allow for a healthier separation and attachment period as the children begin to separate from their foster family and reintegrate back into their birth family.