Category: Child Placement

The ACFS Prevention Program is considered to be the most important means to promote the well being of Sault Tribe children and their families within our community. Ongoing reviews of client contact through Protective Services, Prevention and Family Continuity programs indicate that the majority of clients have multiple needs affecting their ability to parent and provide their children safe and stable environments. This is a home-based program with a mandated minimum monthly face-to-face contact with the family.

Prevention activities are implemented so children can continue to remain safely in their own homes. Prevention services may be short- or long-term based upon each individual family’s needs. A family need not be in a crisis situation to access Prevention services. Based on an assessment of risk to the child, and the needs of the family, services may include:

Support to the family to address needs identified by client and family such as school issues, legal issues, housing issues, medical issues or any issue identified as a need by the family.